Seeing All Social Media Activity On A Cell Phone Spy App

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cell phone spyThe average person never had to worry about being stalked, until social media came along. Now your old boyfriend or girlfriend from high school, or even that old ex-co-worker who asked you out on a date and you had to refuse, can bother you online. Your seemingly polite refusal of that date turned into an awkward situation. For example, that ex-coworker friended you on Facebook and you didn’t think twice about that request. And now it’s a problem.

One of the strongest and most popular features of Highster Mobile’s cell phone spy app is the ability to see someone’s social media activity. Social media is one of the most popular forms of communication in the modern world, and sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat make it easy for millions of people to connect and re-connect. But what happens when it’s used with bad intentions? Now there’s a modern answer: using cell phone monitoring software gives you back the control you once lost. Using you are able to use Highster Mobile to your advantage.

Here are the ten painful scenarios that demonstrate how social media sites can cause problems in someone’s life.
  1. You friended someone on Facebook that you’re not actually friends with. Let’s face it, we’ve all done it. Now that “friend” keeps sending your private messages, writing on your wall, and generally bothering you. You want it to stop.
  2. One bad night of drinking and regretful behavior now lives on YouTube. You asked your friend to remove the video, but who knows how many copies live on your friend’s hard drive?
  3. You’ve taken a series of terrible selfies in a group. Someone uploaded all of them on Instagram and tagged you. Of course, your friend uploaded them because she looks great. You untagged yourself, but then she put them on Twitter and Facebook too!
  4. You broke up with someone and but didn’t cell phone spyde-friend your ex. Now it’s extremely hurtful to see all those pictures, videos and status updates.
  5. Your parents are suddenly the king and queen of technology and are constantly posting your childhood pictures, including the really awkward one of you in seventh grade when you had bad skin and braces.
  6. Your political passion has turned into a Twitter war with people you don’t even know. You spend too much time firing back at internet trolls who disagree with you…and then realize that YOU have become an internet troll as well.
  7. You’ve recently experienced deep loss – a divorce or death in the family. It’s painful to see pictures of all those happy couples, and to see numerous photos of smiling families during the holidays.
  8. You’ve lost your job and are strapped for cash. If you read one more vacation update and see one more photo of a friend holding a tropical drink on a beautiful island, you might scream.
  9. You weren’t invited to the biggest party in the neighborhood, and now you have to see all the fun you missed.
  10. You bailed on a family commitment and forgot that you’re friends with Aunt Kathy. Then you uploaded that sunbathing picture in the park when you were supposed to be at the family BBQ

It’s easy to forget that our online lives don’t necessarily reflect our real lives, especially for teenagers. It’s not uncommon for a teen to feel isolated and alone. A cell phone spy app, like can help a parent prevent any destructive behavior before it’s too late. And that destructive behavior can result from too much online lurking into other people’s lives through social media websites.