Raw Food Diet

I've always fed my animals the highest quality foods that I could afford and find.  When we started our cattery I was suggested by a fellow breeder to feed raw foods  and eliminate commercial foods altogether.  I was sent me home from picking up a new queen from  with a large bag of raw food to transition my new girl to commercial foods at home.. After I did some intense investigating and reading I switched everyone  to a raw food diet the same day I got home! The cats had no problems and actually prefer it!

Cats are obligate carnivores meaning that they MUST have meat to survive in the wild.  Cats eat meat.. they don't have bowls of corn flakes in the morning and corn on the cob with rice pilaf for dinner with a side of carrots and a wheat bun....... They eat meat.. they eat bones.. they eat organs.. they eat skin.  Thats what cats are designed to eat!

Here at Roman Bengals we have chosen to follow a RAW FOOD DIET with all of our cats.  Through research and improved knowledge of the dietary needs of cats  we no longer need to rely on the harmful commercial foods that  the  pet food industry would like us to keep giving our animals.    In our opinions, pet owners and breeders do thier animals great harm by continuing to feed commercial dry foods.  Diseases such as IBD, cancer and many others are being directly related to our use of commercial pet foods.

 I won't go into great detail about how to follow a raw food diet for your cats, or the pros and cons etc etc etc as there are thousands of wonderful sites that will guide you and teach you the ways of the wise.  You definitely owe it to your animals to do give them the best that they deserve.  My purpose of including this page is to bring to your attention that this is a very important and critical part of your cats health and overall well being. Do not rely on the pet food industry to have your cats dietary interests in mind..  it's thier earnings that they have in mind.. The commercial pet food industry is a 14.7 BILLION dollar industry! Believe me when I say they're not interested in your cats well being.

Please read more about raw food diet for cats at these sites here to get you started. Roman Bengals uses the same recipes that you will find in the following links:  



You can also check out the book Raising Cats Naturally by Michelle T. Bernard which offers a great deal of information that is life changing for you and your cats!

Please note:  A raw diet can VERY easily  become severely unbalanced for your cats.  Please make sure to follow a recipe that has been designed by knowledgable dieticians and scientists that provide the proper nutrition to your cats.  DO NOT design your own recipes without knowing exactly what you're doing!  There is more to a raw diet than just throwing a chicken bone to your cat.

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